Charlie Mansin

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an #ApeShxt update

the Mixtape will no longer contain beats solely by one producer.. it will contain a plethora of hardbody type beats by a myriad of producers.. I heard too many dope beats recently that I had to make this decision.. I think it’s what’s best.. #ApeShxt will be that much more dope.. thank you for your time


- C~M

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16 of 20 tracks recorded.. #BreakingBad is almost finished.. can’t you feel the anticipation..

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Charlie Mansin - S.M.S. [Prod. By DJ Premier] Lyrics


Verse 1

.. I’m as dirty as a sinful deed
fuckin flithy like the conscience of a catholic priest
.. I’m sick of rap & these bogus kids
felonious, people I wouldn’t call associates
.. I’m packin bombs with rare plutonium
swing raw with the saber like I’m Kenobi son’s
.. ready 4 war with the coldest clutch
I’m ill as fuck, like shrooms, pills & coke snuffs
.. Charlie Mansin I’m a hate monger
leavin hip-hop with dents like the unabomber
.. it’s rainin corpses of this wack shit
die fast, or suffocate in plastic
.. body-bags to match the body count
body-bag any rapper, if my name comes out their mouth
.. my brain was molded in the golden age
swag rappers is gay, they like the spread of aids
.. i got a target thats attached to me
every verse is a scroll, written catastrophe
.. oh shit, I forgot my line
my flow constricts, watch it bend like a cobra’s spine
.. immaculate when I contract my fangs
so underground I’m fuckin dead, shout-out Wayf Gang
some flows facetious, mine attacks like Grevious
ur cries fall on deaf ears, so I don’t hear ya grievance

Verse 2

.. ur wack vato & I’m 90’s rap
grimey rhymes, fuck a rapper in a snap back
.. fuck a swaggot bumpin riff raff
my flow will fuckin blow ur mind, pull the clip back
.. sloppy style & ur bars don’t fit
i kill with each written verse, lyrical terrorist
so much shit, i aint got a pot to piss
i drain the main vein over some rappers, and stomp this beat to bits
.. hardbody rap til the grave
the underground is on top, and its here to stay
.. and kim jung u look fuckin stupid
i’ll spit right in ya face, gook, taste the music
uhh, I’m godzilla trashin tokyo
everything u say is shit, even pinocchi knows
.. u look good thru the sniper scoop
suck face with the barrett Un, deep throat

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Charlie Mansin Featuring Randy Ross The Rappin’ Boss.. Leak Off #BreakingBad… The LP.. check it out.. share it..

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After #BreakingBad..

after I drop #BreakingBad in the Spring/ Summer.. I think I’m gonna start an All Industry Beats Mixtape.. to get ready for the next Official Charlie Mansin Mixtape.. more info to follow.. send Industry Beat Links to